A Contemporary Campo Marzio?

I saw this online today and thought it might be inspirational for Naoki or all of us really:

These are a few images from Sohei Nishino's exhibition of his Diorama Map Project which uses an overwhelming number of single frames that he collates together to create a surreal image of the city. So far he has images of nine cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Shanghai, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and London; plus two fantastical colour cityscapes: I-Land and Night. Not geographically accurate, but stamped with the mark of a wanderer of the city, Sohei says of his images: 'Through the eyes of an outsider it will be the embodiment of how I remember the city, and a diary of the streets I walk'.





A pretty amazing way of photostitching! 

For the review of the exhibition see here:

The Diorama Map Project is showing at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London till the 2nd of April.

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