Did anyone take good photos of the space? 

RIP Powerpoint

Perhaps we should be thinking about this at the AA as well...:

On their website, the newly founded Swiss Anti-PowerPoint Party states the following: "The fact is that the average PowerPoint presentation creates boredom." Agreed!

Interestingly, the APPP states that "the use of presentation software costs the Swiss economy 2.1 billion Swiss francs (US$ 2.5 billion) annually." This number is based on lost productivity by employees sitting in on presentations which essentially serve no purpose.

Their noble mission is not to abolish PowerPoint presentations from the face of Earth, butto remove any constraints associated with them. In other words, students who are not using PowerPoint as a presentation tool should not get a lesser grade. Along the same lines, professors and marketeers should no longer have to justify why they have chosen not to use PowerPoint.

Perhaps we should be thinking about this at the AA as well...:

Congrats KimyKat - AA Dipl Honours

A very belated congratulations to Kim Bjarke for graduating with Honours.

Gramorous Kontextkammer Stenciling

done with wall 1:

End of Day 1:



Team Katerina!

Asleep at last:

A Little Inspiration For You


A Manifesto Manifesto


Happy Birthday Ben-elator!!!


Ben-elator, ventilator, terminator, standing ovater, Russian-tickle-ator, BAGgregator, Identity collator, wombanator, painter, burning car-borator, colour-wheelinator...

Happy Birthday!! As a thank you for buying your own birthday cupcakes- (and in celebration of your birthday itself)- there are birthday drinks in your future (hold this!). You just have to stick around long enough to receive them!!

With all our love and affection,
Dip 9.  >|<

A Contemporary Campo Marzio?

I saw this online today and thought it might be inspirational for Naoki or all of us really:

These are a few images from Sohei Nishino's exhibition of his Diorama Map Project which uses an overwhelming number of single frames that he collates together to create a surreal image of the city. So far he has images of nine cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Shanghai, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and London; plus two fantastical colour cityscapes: I-Land and Night. Not geographically accurate, but stamped with the mark of a wanderer of the city, Sohei says of his images: 'Through the eyes of an outsider it will be the embodiment of how I remember the city, and a diary of the streets I walk'.





A pretty amazing way of photostitching! 

For the review of the exhibition see here:

The Diorama Map Project is showing at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London till the 2nd of April.

Internal-Crit Ditties

I was really inspired the other day after listening to all the projects. I just wanted to add a few things that a couple of you may (or may not) find relevant.

Following on from what Hannah mentioned about what your city/cities is/are founded upon (Hannah mentioned a river I think), a few years back Shumon edited a book on "Cities from Zero". There are a few interesting articles: I think Pier's (DOGMA's) Korean Administrative City is in that. Anywho, perhaps there are some concepts that can be got from it, or better still, critiqued, or just plain ignored!

This is the documentary I was talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Frvc1snhF98
It's somewhere between a jail and a hospital. Each inmate/patient is sent there for an indefinite amount of time. The place has its own currency, and the inmates/patients are rewarded upon good behaviour. They can then exchange their currency at the hairdressers, a video store and so on. There is this type of simulated freedom that gives them the opportunity to think, act and engage with others in a manner similar to the real world, whilst being constantly monitored, evaluated and subjected to decisions about their own freedom--from incarceration--that's beyond their control.

Oh and Dan Graham's sculptures and research on privatised (corporatised) public space and the thresholds of control. This is a nice (brief) interview http://www.jca-online.com/graham.html. I did write these on a piece of paper and I left it on your computer, not too sure if you got it.

This is the Simulated Tropical Island in a Zepplin hanger I was talking about. It's just south of Berlin:

A few facts:
Chinese acrobats
yoga instructors
Thai masseuses
500 species among 12,000 plants and trees imported from Asia, South America and Florida
Sounds of the forest
No animals
overall temperature at about 25 degrees
lagoon water is 32 degrees
4 hours=15 euros
Tents and igloos can be rented
I promise i don't work for them

And your very own Truman Show-moment to keep forever.

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Dip 9 takes no prisoners...

hermitaging in St. Petersburg

peacock tuts in prison. 

Gabriel Orozco

There is an interesting and fascinating exhibition for our unit in Tate Modern.
The artist name is Gabriel Orozco and his thesis seems 'context'.

The phone book is cut and put together in a context and creates different order of phone book, which is quite similar to what I'm doing.


This sort of reconfiguration is applied into other object like a car.
Here the time and space is compressed and distorted(I'm feeling like writing my thesis...)

reconfigured in a complicated way

It might be useful for Katerina??
anyhow, I believe it is quite nice to visit this exhibition.

Readings for this Friday's Seminar with MA H&CT group

Team 1:
O.M. UNGERS The City as a Work of Art (p.363-362)
COHEN: Theoretical Projects for the Metropolis (p. 27-33)

Team 2:
KOOLHAAS Bigness (p. 495-516)

Team 3:
ROWE & KOETTER (Collage City)
Introduction (p. 2-8) & After the Millennium (p. 32-49)

Dip 9 Re-Con Jury

Many thanks to our critics:

Javier Castanon
Adam Furman
Marina Lathouri
Francesca Hughes
Ingrid Shroeder
Tom Weaver

Kate Davies


Tobias Klein
Daniel Ayat
Chris Pierce
Charles Tashima
Brett Steele
Barbara Campbell-Lange









Context Seminar with Dip 9 & MA Students



Happy Victims

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happy victims.jpghappy victims2.jpg

This is an extreme example of urban inhabitation which I thought maybe interesting reference for Manijeh's re-inhabiting Eames House. (I'm sorry if inappropriate...)

Japanese photographer Kyo-ichi Tsuzuki's work have documented hundreds of ordinary citizens in Tokyo where people live in small studio apartment with most outrageous collection of clothing from a particular designer who they worship. 

Although examples in the book are not "architect designed house" however this is violence act to architecture where sheer amount of stuff completely taking over living container.

Ad Stop Pain

I found quite interesting ads here.
the campaign from the French non-governmental humanitarian organization, supported by the World Health Organization and state-approved, Douleurs Sans Frontières (Pain Without Borders).
It doesn't directly relate to our work yet I think here is quite interesting narrative.

DIP 9 2010/11 IS...

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A Few Images From the Presentation